As Marge and Homer say goodnight to the kids, Bart philosophically ponders the workings of the mind, Lisa fears bed bugs will eat her, and Maggie listens to Marge singing, only to be traumatised by the lyrics.


Homer always tries to get Bart to jump into his arms, but is never present whenever Bart attempts to do so.


Lisa and Bart try to get Maggie to stop sucking on her pacifier, but Maggie, who has an entire drawerful of them, refuses to kick the habit.


Marge serves the family purple goop for dinner, insisting that they say grace first.


Bart, Lisa and Maggie make successsion of scary faces at one another despite Marge's warning that their facial positions will be frozen forever.


Bart forgets to pack bologna for his fishing trip with Homer, and secretly substiutes worms in his father's sandwich. Afterwards, father and son take an impromptu ride down the rapids.


Lisa, Bart and Maggie role-play a Save-the-earth game. Lisa is space pilot "Lisuey", Maggie is her energetic sidekick "Mageena" and Bart is "Bartron", the crazed Martian robot who looks like Bart with a vase stuck to his head.


When the girls go out to the ballet, Homer gives Bart a dinner choice of fish nuggets or pork-a-roni.


Bart tells Lisa and Maggie scary stories in the dark that seems to come true.


Grampa tells Bart, Lisa and Maggie boring stories about the good old days. Realising that they are not listening, he feigns his own death to resapture their attention.


Bart, Lisa and Maggie ride the local sidewalks on their skateboards, not always with success.


Lisa and Bart try to get Maggie to stop sucking on her pacifier, but Maggie, who has an entire drawerful of them, refuses to kick the habit.


Homer gathers the family for a portrait, but the family continually sabotages his efforts to strike a normal family pose.


Lisa, Bart and Maggie try to stave off the temptation to steal Marge's money from a cookie jar.


Marge and Homer take the kids to an art museum. After Bart ogles a nude painting while Lisa plays with an ancient vase. Marge realises that the children are not old enough to appreciate fine art.


Bart is busted when he tries to steal chocolate from the candy store.


A punching bag with Homer's picure on it inspires Bart, Lisa and Marge to new heights of boxing powers.


Bart tries to hide a cookie he stole from the cookie jar. He covers it with one bowl and, finally, to keep his parents guessing, with three bowls.


Instead of going to see Return on the Happy Little Elves, a fearless Bart convinces his sister to see Revenge of the Space Mutants.


The kids go to see the Krusty the Clown live tv show. To his great disappointment, Bart discovers that his hero is not a real clown but its just some guy wearing mark-up.


Prompted by his parents' order to clean up his messy room, Bart tells a tale in which children look and sound like the parents and the parents look ans sound like children.


Maggie survives her trip over the falls, flies out of the river and into a carnival, graps onto helium balloons, and lands safely back into her playpen - just as her parents return home.


After devouring too many cookies, Bart has a nightmare in which Homer catches him stealing cookies and threatens to punch him.


Homer tricks the family into going to a psychologist by pretending to take them out for frosty chocolate milkshakes. He seeks an answer to the family's problems, saying that they dont laugh anymore. The family breaks into a collective chuckle after the psychologist kicks them out of his office.


Bart and Lisa argue over what channel to watch on TV. They can only agree about stopping Maggie from trying to change the station.


Bart and Lisa are asked to babysit Maggie, but instead they ignore her. Maggie electrocutes herself, falls down the stairs, chases a butterfly onto the roof and back down again.


Despite Marge's objections, Bart, Lisa and even Maggie compete in a contest to see who can make the most disgusting burp.


Bart will win a round of frosty chocolate milkshakes if he can catch one of his father's long football passes. Unfortunately, he must stop at the cliff, watching the football and the milkshakes, disappear.


Bart and Lisa hoover over Maggie's crib, wondering what she's thinking, Maggie sees for the first as demons and then as defenseless infants whom she towers over and tickles.


Bart's attempt to build a house of cards are constantly interrupted by Lisa and Maggie's sucking sounds.


The family attends Uncle Hubert's funeral. Bart is excited to see a dead body for the first time but passes out when he glances into the casket.


Bart sets out the steal cookies, figuring that Maggie will take the blame. Instead, he eats too many cookies and lays down among the crumbs to recover, revealing the evidence.


Bart goes to a barber who does not know how to trim hair and Bart ends up getting scalped.


Obessed with getting ready for the Apocalypse, Homer repeatedly awakens the family for nuclear-attack drills.


While driving to church, Bart, Lisa and Maggie anger their parents by deciding to convert to paganism.


At the aquarium, Bart foolishly risks his life to do tricks in the shark tank.


Lisa and Maggie try to help Bart stop hiccuping, resorting to unorthodox methods to cure thier brothers problem.


The Simpsons go to the zoo, where Homer and Bart have a close encounter with a family of monkeys.


Grampa, Homer and the kids persist in arguing until they formally forgive one another.


Marge and Homer use hypnosis to try to make Bart, Lisa and Maggie behave. They children pretend to act like zombies.


When Bart goes to the candy store for a candy bar, he unwittingly foils a robbery attempt and becomes a hero.


During a family vacation, the Simpsons stop at Echo Canyon, where everyone frolics and Bart nearly crunches the family car with a boulder.


Homer demands that the kids stop watching their favourite cartoon "Itchy & Scratchy". Bart turns off the tv, pulls out the picture tube, gets inside the set, and puts onhis own show.


Bart narrates a holiday tale to the strains of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" which features the Simpsons kids sneaking a peek at their Christmas presents.


Bart and Lisa do a poor job babysitting for Maggie. Unsupervised, she hops on Bart's skateboard and rolls through a sewage pipe to a waterfall. As she goes over the falls, the short ends, to be continued the following week.


To make his bath more exciting, Bart mimics Jacques Cousteau but leaves the water running and the bathroom floods.


Homer is incensed at Bart, Lisa and Maggie, who are swinging from trees on makeshift vines made from Homer's ties.


Homer sends Bart outside to fly a kite, but the kite gets tangled in the antenna and distorts the TV picture. Homer is forced to climb up onto the roof to restore it.

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